The immediate need to ‘go’ interrupts your day and night – and it may not be caused by your BPH.

  • Do you have to use the bathroom at least 8 times a day?
  • Do you still wake up 2 or more times each night to use the bathroom?
  • Do you experience a need to use the bathroom immediately (urinary urgency)?

If these symptoms disrupt your day and night, you may also have a condition called overactive bladder (OAB).

About the COURAGE Study

A clinical research study is testing the safety and effectiveness of an investigational drug in men on BPH therapy experiencing OAB symptoms. The investigational drug is compared with a placebo. A placebo looks exactly like the investigational drug but contains no active medication. Over 1000 participants in approximately 135 study centers across North America and Europe are expected to take part in the COURAGE Study.

Click here to view the study (NCT03902080) on clinicaltrials.gov.

Can I take part?

To determine whether you are eligible to take part in the COURAGE Study, you will be invited to visit a study centre to undergo medical tests and assessments. If eligible, you will be asked to return to the study centre 10 more times to undergo further tests. You will be asked to take either the investigational drug or placebo every day for 26 weeks.